Our history begins in 1997. Aspiration for  professional development and  self -fulfilment in changeable environment when security assurance becomes one of the most important living part both enterprise and individual, years of service in law enforcement bodies and  successful business experience have been embodied in creation of Krasny Storm Holding an association of high-end professional security, detective, analytic, consulting enterprises.
Union of professionals in security and investigation, lawyers and businessmen, analysts and marketing consultants, specialists in high technologies and security systems under the auspieces of Krasny Storm is a leading up-to-date group of security companies assuring integrated individual, corporate, business security and of those who need it.
We stand up to law infringements and fraudsters, ensure business steadiness  particularly of international companies  which develop their production in the territory of the Russian Federation.
2011 has represented major turns into our development with acquisition of  Secor Group to complete our range of detective, analytic, corporate security  services as well as to expand our market share. Following this acquisition, we have considered deeply our business process so as to go on TQM standards (Total Quality Management based on ISO 9004) in our activities.
In 2012, celebrating our 15th anniversary have also reviewed marketing policy in aid of further successful development of our each enterprise and new business activities.

Commitments & Innovation

We improve our work quality since the very moment of Krasny Storm Holding creation with a view to render services at up-to-date level. This process goes on basis of our activities evaluation, test and analysis of innovations. It concerns organizational structure, management, commercial offers, reporting documents in regard to rendered services and price policy. Our activity is based on scientifically grounded views system upon work direction finding, order of security tasks solutions. Herewith we do not forget that we are market participants. Our business strategy under increasing competition conditions is a customer oriented strategy based on system approach.


Word of our President

2012 has been the celebration of our 15th anniversary. A grade that confirms the maturity of our practices and approaches to serve the best services. A grade that also represents the long term trust and satisfaction of our customers.

I here would like to express them my sincere gratitude but also to all Krasny Storm Holding employees who have made and make their possible for its stability, development and maintenance of leading positions in integrated security assurance field. We develop not only as huge enterprise but we create new workplaces, seek to our employees improve their educational and skill level, share experience with young people, maintain positive reputation of law and order defenders and private security business. Life forges ahead. Our development is integral to vigorous changes in economy and society that affect our business dealing required quicker adaptation for happenings and somewhile, prompt decisions and balanced financial policy. Sometimes these processes entail risks for which security services are always needed.

From physical security services, we had to develop and invest into capable people in information analytics and crisis management fields so to bring a complete range of solutions to ensure economic security.

Krasny Storm Holding and its teams are engaged into permanent effort to meet up-to-date requirements and continue to help firmly our customers in their today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Kirill Rusanov 
KS Holding President
Candidate of Economic Science