Economic Security Concept

Economic Security it is a work aimed at protection of interests, continued and sustainable development of customer capability. This regroups services dedicated to protect commercial, public and individual activity.

This includes:
Corporate Security services to protect strategic plans & processes of company:Economic Intelligence Protection, Market survey, Due Diligence, Internal & Counterfeit Investigations, etc.
Physical Security services to protect physical assets (buildings, objects, processing capacities, finished products) and  individuals:
Access Control, Safeguarding, CCTV, Escort, Video  Surveillance, etc.

Know How & Expertise

Potential risk analysis at which customer can be put, use of most effective methods of their prevention and elimination case by case inclusive of branch of industry where customer acts, engagement of necessary measures and resources, junction of physical protection services and analytic security expertise is a KS Holding tried through practice technology to assurance of customer economic security. Economic security services provided by KS Holding are aimed at protection of our customer business processes, assurance of customer business continuity in multifarious including unfavourable conditions.

Economic security assurance includes a whole range of branches including, but not limited to:

Analytic investigation
Strategic and operational analysis
Crisis Management
Fraud Investigation
Security consulting
Development of guidelines for economic security assurance
Corporate security audit
Guarantee of information confidentiality

Besides our economic security assurance experts help client to make the best use of his own corporate resources with a view to prevent threats and to assure enterprise operation.


KS Holding provides security assurance services through the entire territory of Russia inclusive of partner support. Our active dealings, dynamism and harmonization of our services and customer requests, expectations and evolution of their business conduces development of our activity even in remote territories. We have capacity to bring our resources where you might need them.