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Integrated Solutions of Security Assurance

Integrated risks anticipation and prevention

Krasny Storm Holding experts attack risks anticipation and prevention matters in integrated scale and decide them not separately but in totality through detective, analytic resources, physical protection, corporate security.

We ensure integrated protection of our customers against threats and risks on permanent basis and on one-time appeals. We take into consideration both normal, frequently occurred risks character and extraordinary cases; analyze situations generating threats and risks; anticipate conditions of their emergence and neutralize them. Plan of anticipation and prevention measures is always custom-made, has being drawn up with account of a whole range of aspects and particularities of situation where our customer has been caught. Our high-end experts charged with development of integrated plan, create not only this plan for you but also consult you and your employees on behavior in situations of different risk levels.

Important component of our customer security assurance is our employees skill to protect customers against risks with account of particularity of secure subject and risks prevention plan.

 solutionsks    (1).jpgApplications
- Corporate & Industrial crisis management
- Internal Investigations / Expert Analysis
- Security of large enterprises and companies of different types

Physical Security

Assets & Personal Protection

Provision of assistance to your teams in the frame of their work, is a mission operated 24/24, 7 days a week by our highly experienced guards and specialists. Operated through strict protocols customized by clients, we draw up standards reporting offering a clear view of provided resources and services, elaborate guidelines for security level improvement on basis of secure subject analysis, threats and risks analysis, their statistics and dynamism.

Technical support and systems are also provided so as to insure your premises and operations with the best range of equipment that increase  your protection against risk exposure.

Corporate Security

Protecting the strategy & the processes

The processes, forming the mecanism of a company are subject to minor up to major malfunctions that ethic and security check can reduce or eliminate them through methodological intervention and surveys.

On the strategy level, the decision makers are too often exposed to a severe risk through a lack of information to base their decision on.

Corporate Security process and expertise is a key tool and support to decision makers and company's compliance to ethic.

- Candidates & Employees screening
- Due Diligence/ Background check
- Economic intelligence
- Counterfeit & Internal Investigations
- Market surveys
- Ethic & Internal regulations audit

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